The Diabetes Elf
 The 8th Annual Downhill for Diabetes 

Ski and Snowboard Event at Pico Mountain

was Saturday, February 24th, 2018

And it was a HUGE success!!

We have raised over $23,450 our highest amount in one year so far, and we are still going!!


What is diabetes?

Anyway, we all face such disease as diabetes. One of your neighbors, a sister of your friend, a colleague’s mother can have diabetes or you’ve heard of it. Lots of people in the world suffer from this cruel illness. Unfortunately, diabetes relates to chronic diseases. In short, the blood sugar level (BSL) becomes high.
It is not as harmless as it sounds. Such blood results in free radicals. They in turn disorder the cells of our organism. Also, the combination of glucose and proteins turn into specific substances. These substances make our artery walls thicker. Hence, vasospasm occurs and it leads to heart diseases.
The excessive sugar in the blood makes the person gradually lose space orientation. Delusion and mental abstraction are also possible consequences. With extremely high BSL medical help is necessary. Otherwise, fatal fate is imminent.
By, diabetes affects almost every 11th person in the world. More than 3,5 million deaths occur because of diabetes annually.
We should all remember that diabetes is not a conviction. With the correct method of treatment and personal efforts, the person can live a normal life. Look at us! You can read about us at and see the results. We do not lose courage and still do everything we can.
The main idea we follow is to show that nobody is alone in this world. Even if you have diabetes you are a person, first of all. You have a right to live. You can get the necessary treatment. Yes, you will not get rid of diabetes forever. But, you will get help. is a place where you can make new friends. They have the same problems. If you do not suffer from this disease, you are welcome to help us. You can make our life happier at least a little.
We fight for living every day, every hour, and every minute. Yes, we can’t win diabetes for good but still, we can make our life easier. And a lot of kind people try to help us. That is the main principle of

Types of diabetes

The system transferring sugar to cells may be disordered in various ways. Thus, diabetes can be different. Below the information about three types of diabetes and methods of their treatment.

1 type

This diabetes usually is assumed in childhood or youth. In brief, the person lacks a particular hormone. It is called ‘insulin’.
The symptoms are revealed easily. The person feels sharp thirst, excitement and goes to the toilet often. More symptoms are headache and skin itch.
Treatment is based on regular insulin injections.

2 type

This diabetes appears when the insulin is released but its amount is not enough. People over 40 are in the risk group.
Most of the symptoms are not usually present. People find out they are ill occasionally.
Treatment is complex. Mixtures for reducing BSL, diet, and physical activity can help.

3 type

This diabetes appears affected by pancreas gland problems. Inflammation, various tumors can lead to this diabetes.
Symptoms are like the ones of 1st and 2nd types.
Treatment is individual and depends on the status of the pancreas gland.

Diabetes prevention

The first thing to remember is to take care of your pancreas gland. Try to eat less fast food. Eat more vegetables. Even if both your parents have diabetes it does not mean you will have it as well. Chances to get the illness are small if you follow simple rules. The more physical activity the better. Actually, physical activity is the best diabetes prevention!
One more good way to prevent diabetes is nutrient supplements. The nutrient
supplements market is enormous. The key point is to choose the correct ones. They must be free of harmful substances, various chemicals, toxins, etc.
Nutonen Supplement is a good example.
It contains only natural components. The main function of Nutonen is to balance your BSL. Besides, it also can help those who are prone to obesity and excessive weight. People sometimes do not control what they eat. Diabetics do the same. Thanks to Nutonen you will take care of your organism.
Nutonen is effective due to Banaba leaves extract. It is analyzed and proved its safety. No harm you will get. Nutonen is absolutely natural.

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